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Look at this map of local chiropractors in Woodbridge VA. If you would like to see the top Woodbridge VA chiropractors all in one place, take a look at this map. It has the top ranking chiropractors in the Lake Ridge VA area of Northern Virginia. These chiropractors are located in convenient areas such as Dillingham Square shopping center on Old Bridge Rd near Smoketown Rd. Other chiropractors are in business areas such as Jefferson Davis Hwy, Prince William County Pkwy, and near Sentara Hospital on Opitz Blvd.  Great reference map!

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Have you heard of “text neck”? Neck strain has been increasing with the popularity of
personal electronics.  At Virginia Family Chiropractic Health Center in Lake Ridge – Woodbridge VA, we see patients nearly every day that have problems related to this issue. It is becoming more
common and we are seeing some pretty serious issues as a result of this
practice of looking down at your screens for hours each day.

So what is this scourge of the modern age? Text neck is the result of looking down at your electronic screens for hours each day. Did you know that for every inch your head falls forward
from center is
like adding 10 pounds to the weight of your head.  Do you spend a lot of time looking down at your phone or tablet? Is your computer screen lower than eye level? Given the angle most people look at their
phones, that’s like adding an extra 60 pounds to the weight of your head!  No wonder your neck hurts.  Over time, this damage can be quite severe,
leading to nerve damage, arthritis, reverse curvature of the spine, and other
serious conditions.

If you find you are looking downward at your computer, TV,
or phone, take steps to keep your line of sight level so you don’t have to bend
your neck.  You might want to consider taking some time off from your screens too! 

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